A Quick Look At The Results Using CashJuice Ads


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A consistent 1-2% click thru rate!
This is why you need to take a good look at using CashJuice Ads 🙂

These are non-incentivized visitors (the most valuable)…
And run throughout the CashJuice and TrafficAdBar network

Pictured below are the results from 3 ads running a few weeks ago.
Highlighted are the views and clicks.

cashjuice ads

My tracking confirms these to be near 100% accurate…With 3 Conversions!!!

There are three ways to get Ad Credits:

1. Be a Pro member for $19/month and get 5000 credits as part of the package.
2. Purchase credits in $5 blocks of 5000 on the Ad page.
3. Convert your commissions to credits at any amount!

All the best to your advertising success,

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