Are You Ready To Work ‘The Juice’?

Sig Skeie

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Father, partner & Grandfather even. Marketer from Norway. Been Marketing on-offline for many years now. I believe that to be as honest as possible, is the way to go.

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no brainer aheadAre You ready for this?

Are you finaly ready to work ‘The Juice’?…so it can start working for you!

Maybe even become a Diamond Juicer!

There is something you can’t escape to make this work, so hold your horses,  and read on if you’re serious about this:

Step One

    • You HAVE to do the set up your Profile, with a Picture!
    • You HAVE to do the PLAN! Work through 1 step at a time by clicking here.

Do at least 30 min a day on the sites in the plan, or at least 1 of them per day!

Step Two

You HAVE to start use the Post Rotator!

  • Minimum 100 clicks a day (and that’s really minimum)! Set up Your ads in the rotator too!
  • Comment, like & share other members posts is a really good thing to do!
  • Follow others (I recommend to follow people with a picture at least)! The CashJuice Leagues are the best way to find serious members!

Bonus Tip

Check the Upgrade Deal(s)

The main benefits of upgrading are ‘more posts’, ‘more followers’, and ‘more campaigns’. Considering the amount is one time payment, it is actually quite reasonable I would say.

It’s not a must to upgrade. CashJuice works nice without upgrading – this is just a tip to look into it at least.

no brainerIf you can do those steps above, the rest will drop into your daily routine, as you learn more, see more, get more…

…And If you skip the PLAN you’ve already “Lost” – this is a NO-BRAINER!

Thanks for your time, hope this helped a little on your path with CashJuice.

Best wishes and success!


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