Building Your CashJuice Followers – 6 Daily Activities You Must Be Doing!


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followersIn the end, CashJuice is all about the number of followers that you attract, along with the value you provide them. 🙂

Listed below are six essential activities you need to complete everyday in order to build a large, loyal, following on CashJuice.

1. Create at least 1 Quality post

Notice the emphasis on the word quality!

Here are the best rules for posting:

  • Offer value and a link to more information.
  • Always upload a photo that’s related to your post.
  • Don’t over do it – keep it unique and don’t post the same thing over and over again.

Far too many people violate these 3 simple rules. Stand out from the pack!

2. Review your previous profile posts

Has anyone left a comment or shared your posts since you last checked in? This is a perfect opportunity to like their comment and check out their profile.

Did you know that you can comment on your own posts? Be sure to reply to any questions. Keep the discussion going…

This is also the time to remove any spam. Every once in a while, there will be a bad egg who insists on leaving their links in the comments. Delete them!

3. Check your feed

Your CashJuice feed is where you go to see the posts of the people your following.

Is there anything that catches your attention, or that you find important for your business? Then be sure to leave a comment – but keep it genuine!

And share posts with your followers when you find find something of value. This can build alot of goodwill. But don’t be a constant ‘re-tweeter’ of everything (that’s jusy annoying).

4. Welcome new members to CashJuice

Scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard. You’ll find a list of some of the newest members who have signed up with CashJuice.

Welcome them to the platform!

I usually only do this with members who have uploaded a photo and made an introductory post.

ducks follow

5. Interact with your new followers

How many new followers have you received since you last logged in?

If you haven’t already do so, be sure to say hello to your new followers by checking out their profile and leaving a comment on one of their posts.

Follow them back whenever possible.

6. Use the Post Rotator

Yes, the CashJuice Post Rotator works exactly like a traffic exchange: You view someone’s post for 5 seconds, and earn a credit for someone else to view one of your posts.

But, it’s how you use it that counts!

Let’s face it…Most people are clicking thru this as fast as possible to earn earn credits.

Be different!

I make it a goal not just to earn credits, but instead to find at least one quality post to leave a comment on, and at least one new person of interest to follow. Use this as an opportunity to interact with people you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered!

The above activities take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, but I must admit to investing alot more time into the CashJuice platform than that. Overall, though, these daily ‘habits’ earn me about 8 to 10 new followers everyday.

CJ Banner 1

If your looking at CashJuice as a promotional or advertising platform, and don’t want to focus on referring anyone – then invest some time building your base of followers. It’s a long term game – play it well.

Let’s connect on CashJuice!

All the best to your success,


**Originally published November 14th, 2018 on IBOToolBox.

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