CashJuice Frequently Asked Questions – The Basics

cashjuice faq basics1. What is CashJuice?

CashJuice is a social advertising network for online marketers. The platform is designed to build your brand, promote your offers, and develop your business relationships.

2. How does CashJuice work?

Creating quality posts that attract attention is at the heart of the CashJuice platform. These posts can be liked, commented on, and shared by other members. Read more…

You can promote your posts with the use of the Post Rotator.

3. What is the Post Rotator?

The Post Rotator is the key to getting your offers seen by new people. View the posts of other members and receive credits for views on your posts, similar to a traffic exchange. Read step #6 here…

4. Can you advertise on CashJuice?

Yes! High converting text ads, which are shown across the CashJuice and TrafficAdBar networks, are available and can be purchase in 2 ways:

  1. By converting your commissions of any amount into credits.
  2. As part of the monthly Pro membership (5000 credits). Read more…
5. Are there upgrade options?

Yes! There are 2 upgrade options on CashJuice:

  1. upgrade cashjuiceLifetime Upgrade. $29 one-time. Ten posts or shares per day, follow up to 500 people, 5 Post Rotator Campaigns with geo-targeting options.
  2. Pro Upgrade. $19 per month. Unlimited posts, unlimited Post Rotator campaigns, follow up to 1000, auto-message your referrals, random referrals…plus Ad credits. Read more…
6. How do you earn commissions?

You earn commissions of 15% on all the one-time and monthly upgrades upgrade of your referrals.

Plus, you earn a daily bonus based on the advertising activity of your entire team (referrals + their referrals thru 5 levels). Paid from the ad revenue thru conversions and upgrades.

7. When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid at the end of the month, based on the commissions earned in the previous month (eg. March’s earnings are paid at the end of April). The deposit is sent directly into your bank account, nearly anywhere in the world, using TransferWise.

cashjuice commission


8. How do I contact admin?

You can contact CashJuice admin with your questions or suggestions using the links in the left side menu. Scroll down and click on either ‘Contact us’ or ‘Suggestion’.

…Or click on ‘Email Us’ in the upper right-side menu.

9. Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely! CashJuice provides a detailed Privacy Policy which outlines how it stores, and safeguards your personal information. The site is fully SSL secured for the safe transmission of data, plus…

…Your data is never shared with any third parties…for any purposes!

There are also options on CashJuice to protect you from spammers and spam comments on the platform. Read here…

10. Can I opt-out of receiving emails?

Yes. If you don’t want to receive notifications, choose which emails you want to turn on/off in your ‘Settings’ menu. You can click to opt-out of all messages.

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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