How CashJuice Protects You From Spam Comments

Originally published in October 2018, during the CashJuice pre-launch phase.

We’ve all been there…

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social site:

Every oncein a while...people will still spam your feed, your posts, and the posts of others – trying desperately to promote their affiliates links in coversations that have nothing to do with what they’re selling.

Fortunately, most social sites have filters and settings to reduce or eliminate these problems.

So how does CashJuice protect you from these type of spam comments and unwanted posts?

Quite simply, CashJuice gives you the tools to manage this yourself! In the end…you create your own experience.

Dealing With Unwanted Feed Posts

Do you want to see the same thing in your feed over and over again, in post after endless post?
No. Of course not!
This is the easiest solution: Simply Unfollow.

Managing Comments On Your Posts

In the upper right hand corner of all posts and shares is an ‘X’ – which if you click on will give you the option to delete, block, or report your posts and comments, along with the posts and comments of others.

Here’s a photo of the options available when you want to remove a spam comment from one of your posts:

  • Deleting a a comment will remove it from your post.
  • When you block a will not see them, and they will not see you.*

*Warning! Block is permanent...And cannot be undone. Use with caution!

  • Reporting will send the comment to support for spam review, but will not remove it from your post.

Reporting Spam Comments On Other Peoples Posts

Here are the options when you want to remove spam from somebody else’s post:

The option here are slightly different from when it’s your own post, but the results are the same: spam gone!

You will also be asked to confirm before submitting all deletes, block, and spam reports.

As it stands, there is very little actual spamming happening on CashJuice. :)
When it quickly gets reported and falls to the bottom of the heap.

I have only used this feature a couple of times, with some unfollows, but have never had to use block more than twice.
Overall, the experience has been extremely positive and easy to manage.

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