How To Create A CashJuice Group

CashJuice Groups are here!

This has been a long-awaited feature. :)

Now CashJuice members can grow and develop their own communities within the CJ platform. A true home for online marketing professionals, and the various niches within the industry.

Let's create your first group...

1. Go the the Group tab on your dashboard and click the 'Create Group' button.

2. A pop-up will appear to name your group. Be sure to create a name that's appropriate to the topic, or niche, you want to develop.

You will then see the main page for your new group.
Now is the time to set-up the group profile.

3. Click on the 'Options' button pictured below.

4. A drop down menu will appear. Go to 'Group Admin Settings'.

5. A pop-up window will open to edit the group details. You can change the name, add a description, and upload an image. All of these options should be filled out completely.

After saving the details, you will now see your Group starting to take shape. :)

You'll also be able to access the group at any time by clicking on the Groups tab from your dashboard.

6. The next step is to create your first post within the group. It is recommended to write an introductory post to welcome and inform your group members as they come on board.

Now that all the basics are taken care of...
It's time to invite your first group members!

Each group will have a unique invite link.

7. Click on the 'Join Requests' tab to access the invitation link. This will be the url you send to your contacts and promote to other CashJuice members.

You are now the proud owner of a CashJuice Group :)


This is just the beginning.

To make your group a success, you'll want to learn the basics of promoting your group, moderating the discussions, and using some of the powerful admin features.

All of these will be covered in a series of upcoming articles.
Stay tuned! :)

Have fun,

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