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like shareOn creating that perfect CashJuice post…:)

1. Before you begin…Let’s be perfectly cleared about this:

You must have a profile picture (or a recognizable, personal branding image)! Very few people follow or interact with those they can’t see. You’ll want to get this done!

2. Always attach a photo!

A picture can be worth a thousand words. The image should be related to what you’re promoting in the post. Be as unique as possible – don’t just use your company’s image. There are millions of open source images to choose from! Or create your own 🙂

3. Write a quick, quality description!

A naked affiliate link without any context is of little interest. Write at least three quick lines describing your offer. It’s does not have to be perfect – Let you’re personality come thru.

4. Use the Post Rotator!

After creating your post, place it into rotation.

Earn at least 100 credits everyday by using the Post Rotator. This takes less than 15 minutes to complete…so there’s no excuse. If your not using this tool…you’re missing the boat. 🙂

5. Pay it forward!

Don’t expect to ‘go viral’ without recognizing the hard work and contributions of others.

Like, Share, and Comment on at least 1 post everyday. Be sincere about this one. Find a post that interests you and start a ‘conversation’. 🙂

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Follow these 5 simple steps to getting your posts liked and shared every single day!

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  1. When an experienced successful man speaks a smart man pays heed. You are a true asset for all the members.

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