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money questionI see two main questions popping up this morning:

How do I make money with CashJuice, and…

How do I get people to sign up?

There are two ways of making money with CashJuice.

The first one is a major reason for those who have been in marketing awhile:


When you post your link and posts for people to see on your product you are getting free advertising, and you are branding yourself where other marketers get to know and trust you (or not if you are a spammer).


That to me is worth more than the commission I can receive here. So…

If that is worth more to me why would I promote Cash Juice?

That’s simple too…by promoting Cash Juice I’m bringing in more followers who will also look at my other products.

brand exposure

Plus, if I make commission along the way as well, that is an added bonus. That is just me, you may have your own reasons.

In a land far far away many years ago. I used to do training conferences for an MLM online biz that still exists today. In my training calls on a live conference. I used to teach the two principles of ‘Guerilla Marketing’ and ‘Responding Instead of Reacting’

So…for those new to marketing, or have not had much success:

If you want to do online and internet marketing you need a presence, you need to help others, and your face needs to be in as many places as it can possibly be.

CashJuice is that place!

league total membersWhy? Look at the picture to the right. That picture is from the very last of the league pages. In particular, this is the members following rank that you can scroll and see for yourself.

Since this is the bottom of the list it is all new members. There are multiple members tied at 13,957 place. So what does that mean?

That means you have way over 14,000 people that can see whatever post that you post, 14,000 people you can choose from to add to social self and follow and be followed by.

That, is my friends, how you make money with exposure!

The other way you make money here (as if that weren’t enough reasons), is by making a commission.

Here’s the link on commissions, and here’s the link why you should upgrade and make more commissions It is ridiculously a low one-time payment, and well worth the upgrade if you can afford to do so.

So, the next question…

How do I get people to join?

First, go back to the Plan on the left of your dashboard, or by clicking here

Then, you can also add other Traffic Exchanges and Solo Ad sites. Most members on CashJuice are promoting their own traffic sources and solutions. You can find their posts in the feed for ideas.

My other suggestion is to go other forum or classified style sites, those people are ones who love the interaction with others and would love the way CashJuice looks.

Cash Juice is a lot easier to navigate than any of them, in my opinion. Ones I’m talking about are like Adland Pro (that is not a pitch to get you to sign up to it, just an example – and my affiliate link is not attached).

What to do when you do get someone to sign up?

You see a new referral in your dashboard:

  • Click on referrals to see who is new.
  • Click on their profile and follow them.
  • If they made a post, put in the comments “Thank you for joining me, I am happily following you”.
  • If they haven’t put up a picture yet suggest…give them suggestions on how to get started..tell them how to join the Getting Started group.

cashjuice banner

So, that’s it for me right now. These are my suggestions to the majority of the questions I saw when I came in.

I hope that helps.


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  1. This is a good one, and Juicers should read this, allso those who thinking about join the Cashjuice.

    Well done on this one Sara Storey!

    And great to see it inside here at the guide!


  2. Hi sara!

    Great post and I agree with Sig, above, that all Juicers ought to be reading this. It explains everything, in my honest opinion. Thanks again and have a great Sunday!

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