How To Properly Cloak And Brand Your ViralUrl Tracking Link!


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viralurl brandingThis is the first in a series outlining how I use ViralUrl to cloak and brand my CashJuice referral links (along with the traffic benefits of using ViralUrl).

Let’s get started with the basics…

Cloaking your link

1. Place the referral link that you want to promote into the ‘Target URL’ field.

2. Choose your ‘Keyword’. This will be added at the end of the ‘slug’ – creating your own unique cloaked link.

cloaked link

Here’s one of my CashJuice links, for example:

Be sure to find and use a memorable keyword that relates to the link you’re promoting. If you don’t choose a keyword – a random alfa-numeric one will be assigned instead.

Branding your link

1. Write a ‘Page Title’ to describe your link. This will appear at the top of the open tab/window. Leave it blank if your happy with the default decription of your target page – the original will pass-thru.

page title

2. For the Widget Type…Choose ‘Text Link to Web Page’ or ‘Button Link to Web Page’ instead of the option to receive credits. Add your link text and your link url (you can also add a non-clickable message.

widget type

The link will open in a new window if clicked. Be sure to keep this related page to what your offering.

3. Turn On the ‘Show Branding’ option. This will display your name and profile photo – which lets everyone who visits your page know exactly who is advertising to them!

show branding

Your profile photo uses the Gravatar attached to the email in your account settings.

4. Turn On the ‘Social Button’ option if you have filled these out in your ViralUrl profile. Visitors will then have the ability to connect with you on social media.

(Since I don’t use traditional social media – I have not enabled this option on my links.)

Simple…But it works

You can start using this valuable tool (for free) today!


…And be sure to allow yourself the time to learn the In’s and Out’s of the ViralUrl system – there are alot of hidden details to discover. 🙂



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