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CashJuice Ads are a seperate feature from posts and the rotator. They are text based ads which are displayed across the CashJuice and TrafficAdBar networks. See image below for an example.

You can purchase ad credits directly, receive them as part of the Pro membership, or convert your commissions into more views. All of these details will be covered in future articles.

Let’s setup your CashJuice Ads first!

Step 1 – Getting There

Click on the red ‘Ads’ button to the left of your dashboard.

Step 2 – Your Options

Click on the blue ‘+Create New Ad’ button. You do not need any ad credits yet to set this up.

A pop up will appear with all the options available for creating your ad.

Step 3 – Targeting

Choose the language of your website. This will ensure that only people who can read your page are targeted.

If applicable to your offer, you can geo-target your ads to several specific countries. A minimum of 3 credits are required to use this option (see next step).

Step 4 – Using Credits

CashJuice Ads uses a bidding system to decide how quickly your ads will be seen, and where they will be positioned.

Use the slider to lower or increase your credits used per view on a scale from 1 to 10. As mentioned above, 3 credits are needed to geo-target an ad.

*For a detailed explanation, click on the question mark icon.

Pro Tip: If your advertising worldwide, start with a bid of 1…then move up to find the exposure speed your comfortable with. Take full advantage of geo-targeting options when you reach a bid of 3 🙂

Step 5 – Your Ad Copy

Setting up your CashJuice Ads is the same as setting up a TrafficAdBar ad. The Title, and Description Lines 1 & 2, use the same formatting style.

You can simply copy and paste your TAB ad into CashJuice 🙂

*Be sure to use your favorite link tracker to follow your results.

One extra option is the ability to create a custom display URL, rather than showing your actual tracking or affiliate link. This can help create a more professional looking ad.

Step 6 – Your Done

Click the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the Ad options after completing the previous steps.

Your ad is now active and ready to display. You can also edit, pause, or delete your ads at any time.

*For a quick preview, simply hover over your ad listing to see how it will display on the network 🙂

Next up?

We’ll take look at buying credits, and converting commissions! Stay tuned 🙂

Happy advertising,


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