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bizkniz bannerOfficially launched on Saturday, June 3rd, BizKniz opened it’s doors to much fanfare within several small affiliate networks.

In just over a week, word has begun to spread throughout the larger online market – marking a critical point at this early stage.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about…

What is BizKniz?

BizKniz promises itself to be a ‘fully featured home-base’ for any affiliate’s online marketing needs – including advertising, branding tools, and on-demand services.

Affiliates benefit from a 30% commission on all direct referral purchases for promoting the BizKniz platform, in addition to a company-forced 3×12 matrix – designed to payout upto 95% of all revenue.

Most importantly, BizKniz is focusing heavily on developing the advertising options it offers to members as the foundation to build upon.

Advertising First

Rather than stand alone, BizKniz had partnered with a handful of other sites and services to deliver it’s advertising across the network.

You may recognize some of the names on the list:

PrimeSoloAds – WePayCommissions – ViralTECoOp – All4Pro – BlastMyAds – ViralBannerAdCoOp – MyTOPone – Mailerito – RedRocketMailer – BannerPillar – ViralTextAdCoop – HomePageSolos – SoloAdProfits – ListZillion

This provides a diverse range of people to promote your offers to, rather than just to the members currently on BizKniz.

Banner, text, and solo ads make up the heart of the advertising. Additional services include Automatic TE promotion, BizKniz Personal Splash pages, and Network advertising…with On-Demand services just around the corner.

bizkniz advertising

AdPacks Are The Currency

All upgrades, advertising, and services are paid for using adpacks. For example:

  • a monthly Gold upgrade costs 1 adpack.
  • a banner or test ad costs 1 ad pack each.
  • solo ads to all BizKniz members are 1 ad pack.
  • personal splash pages are 1 adpack (lifetime purchase).

Once you have at least one banner or text ad setup, you can continually add your earned credits to keep the advertising running!

Every AdPack costs $3.99 and can be purchased using Bitcoin or SolidTrustPay. After confirming payment, they become available for use under the ‘My AdPacks’ tab.

Making Money

All free BizKniz members will earn a 30% commission on the purchases of their direct referrals.

To fully benefit from the compensation plan, you’ll want to at least upgrade using one AdPack. This will increase your direct commissions to 30% AND give you a matrix position.

Every new AdPack purchase will create a NEW matrix position for you!

From the company:

…Independently from your membership type, if you have purchased at least 1 Adpack, you get a Company Matrix Commission for YOUR DIRECT and INDIRECT Adpack Sales (sales made by your referrals) as shown in the Table below, 12 Levels down.

bizkniz matrix

Just getting started…

BizKniz is just over a week old right now…with the site still under heavy development. Most of the features are still rolling out, and the bugs are being fixed at a rapid pace.

It’s always an exciting time at these early stages of growth. Stay tuned for more updates!

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