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New Website LaunchLess than two weeks ago, TraffikTrader launched to much fanfare within the CashJuice and TrafficAdBar communities.

Backed by a powerful script and a trusted admin, TraffikTrader is the latest traffic exchange on the scene which is powered by Oru for its affiliate commissions.

Initial Impressions

TraffikTrader has a remarkably similiar look and feel to TrafficAdBar. If your already a TAB member, you’ll feel comfortable using the TT platform.

As with any new launch, there can often be some bugs and growing pains. TraffikTrader is no different as it grows it’s user base. However…

I reached out to TraffikTrader admin, and received a detailed, quality response to all my questions…
In less than 2 hours!

…And every day seems to offer new updates and improvements.

Now that’s impressive!

Traffic Quality

Over the past two weeks, I have noticed a marked increase in the uniqueness and diversity with the that I traffic received.

The first few days hits were mostly from the few dozen founding members. As the days went on, the active mebership has grown into the hundreds – resulting in more unique viewers every day.

This is a promising sign for excelerating the growth of the exchange!

traffic quality luxury

Upgrades and Commissions

As a free member of TraffikTrader, you can advertise up to 3 sites on the platform using your earned credits.

Upgrading is $20 a month. Here are the remarkable benfits you’ll receive:

  • 10 second surf timer instead of 15 seconds
  • up to 10 websites (no credits needed)
  • 5 banner ads (no credits needed)
  • your ads displayed in the Viral AdBar
  • more affiliate commissions!

Commission payments are paid within 72 hours upon request (after $20 in earnings). the deposit is sent to your Oru account.

Pure Potential

Beyond a doubt, this has been one of the most promising starts to a traffic exchange in a quite a while.

The admin is responsive, the user base is active and growing, commissions are being paid, and bugs are being fixed. Also…referrals are fairly easy to get during this early phase. 🙂

Currently, there is a lucrative launch contest for the highest referring members – which, once more, proves promising for increased growth…considering the leadership that TraffikTrader has already attracted.

traffik trader logo

Get in on the ground floor of this new TE today!

Happy surfing,

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  1. Hi Michael I like Cashjuice. It is even better than Trafficadbar. I hope you have a wonderful day. too!

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