Promoting Your CashJuice Group

You've created your first group!

Now what?

It's time to start promoting your group and gathering new followers :)
But first...

Understanding Your Niche

Before blasting your invitation link out to the masses, it's best to understand your group niche?

After all...what is your purpose for creating a group?

  • Do you want to offer specific training or motivation to other CashJuice members?
  • Are you looking to become a marketing or team leader for a specific opportunity you're promoting?
  • Do you need to create a 'training home' for a team you've already developed in an outside program?

There will be fierce competition for attracting active group members, so your target audience needs to be specifically defined.

For example, I have created two groups: The Getting Started Group, and The Inner Circle. I am also a member of the Diamond Club.

The Getting Started Group is open to all CashJuicers. Designed specifically for welcoming new members, answering questions, and providing support. No affiliate links are allowed. This is an Admin supported everyone gets an automatic invite :)

The Inner Circle is a private group. Only three members currently belong, with no more than a dozen expected. Created for the co-ordinated marketing of an upcoming new launch. Invites are 'non-existent'. :) This group is not promoted.

The Diamond Club is a group reserved for CashJuice's top performing members. This is where the League Leaders hang out, discuss business, and debate ideas on the future direction of CashJuice. It's a place you'll want to make a goal to reach!

Now that you've answered some questions about your group niche, and seen a few examples, let's take a look at two popular scenerios:

  1. Creating a group for a pre-existing team from an outside program, or opportunity.
  2. Developing a group from within CashJuice for a program, or opportunity, you're currently promoting.

Bringing New People Into CashJuice

Have you developed a referral base, or team, within another affiliate program that you want to train and communicate with better?

What a perfect opportunity to get more CashJuice referrals...
All while taking your current business to new levels. :)

Take the time to connect with each of your contacts.
Send them a group, and personal, email letting them know of your intent to create a CashJuice group for the team.
Attached the group invite link, and your CashJuice referral link if needed.

After they join...

Emphasize the value of using CashJuice to your current team members as a FREE way to promote and attract new leads into the opportunity.
Create at least 1-2 high quality posts EVERY WEEK for your group members to interact with.
Make it a home for your opportunity!..the first point of contact before posting to other social media.

Although your Group members will receive feed and email notifications when there is activity in the group, it's still important to reach out and connect with them outside of CashJuice.

Use your email and social media connections with the people from your opportunity to occasionally keep them updated on your CJ Group to keep them coming back!

Attracting CashJuice Members Into Your Group

Want to build and train a new team around a specific opportunity you're promoting?

Now's the time to stand out from the rest of the crowd...
And take on a whole new leadership role. :)

For the CashJuice public:

Create a post on your personal feed announcing your new Group, and what it's designed for. Remember to add your invite url.
Continue to create at least 1-2 new posts EVERY MONTH just for the promotion of your group.
Place these posts in the rotator, and keep the newest one's running at all times!

For your group members:

Exactly as before, you'll want to be creating regular training posts and updates within your group in order to keep your members active and engaged. They'll see them in their feed and notifications.

But, keep in mind...
It's not just about what YOU have to offer.

Encouraging other members to make their own contributions, and become more involved, is essential to developing a sense of teamwork within the group. :)

Some Tips And Tricks

It can be easy to get carried away when promoting something new and exciting :)

Good promotional etiquette, and a few simple principles, should be kept in mind.

Here are some tips and tricks for promoting your group on CashJuice:

Don't...Randomly message other members with your invite link.
Instead...Reach out to the connections you know and ASK FIRST. If they respond 'Yes', then send them the link.

Don't...Place your invite link as a comment on any other members' posts.
Rather...Continue to create your own posts promoting your group, and keep them running in the post rotator.

Avoid...Speaking negatively about other 'competing' groups.
Only...Praise your competition, because they may be your partners one day. :)

The Hard Truth...Most people will never accept your invite, and most group members will do nothing.
The Wonderful Reality...You only need a handful of dedicated members to make an opportunity work! :)

Ready To Go

You've created a group and defined your niche!
Your promotional plans are taking shape,
And you know a bit more about the work involved.
The mindset is right :)

Your group is ready to go!

Any additional training or feedback is always welcome!
Please leave any comments and questions below :)

Happy promoting,

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