Purchasing CashJuice Ad Credits and Converting Your Commissions


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Now that you’ve setup your CashJuice Ads (read here), it’s time to get some credits in order to display your ads on the network.

One credit equals on view. How quickly you use your credits will depend on the number of ads you have running, and how you’ve set them up as outlined in the previous article.

There are currently 3 ways to get Ad Credits.

1. Purchase Credits
  • Click on the pink ‘Buy Ad Credits’ button.


A pop up will appear with your purchase options.


You can buy credits in ‘blocks’ of 5000 for $5.

  • Choose the number of blocks that you want and click ‘Buy Now!’ You will then be taken to a new page for entering your credit card details.


The transaction is processed by Stripe as a one-time purchase (this is not a subscription).

Congratulations! You now have ad credits to use in your advertising 🙂

2. Convert Commissions

If you have commissions in your account (of any amount)…you can easily them to ad credits.

  • First…Click on the ‘Commission’ button to the left of your dashboard.


  • Next…Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue ‘Convert To Ad Credits’ button.


A new pop-up will appear requesting how much of your outstanding commission balance you want to convert to credits.


The ratio is 1000 credits for each $1. You can also convert pennies (eg. 50 cents will get you 500 views, etc.)

  • Enter how much you want to exchange and click the blue ‘Convert Credits’ button.

Your CashJuice Ad Credits will be added instantly to your account!

3. Go Pro

The final option for getting ad credits is to take the Pro upgrade for $20 a month.


As part of the entire benefits package, you will receive 5000 credits every month on your billing date – which will be added to your account automatically.

Up Next?

We’ll take look at understanding your Ad Stats, and tracking your results!

Happy advertising,


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