Quick Tip! – If You Only Do ONE Thing Each Day On CashJuice…


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like-comment-shareIf you only do ONE thing each day on CashJuice

Do this…

Review your Feed (or use the Post Rotator) to find a post which engages you enough to:

  • leave a like
  • write a quality comment
  • and share with your followers!

The Benefits

Long term…This daily activity will earn you more goodwill, credibility, and followers than anything else. Plus, your profile link is attached to all of these activities…Forever!

This adds up over time 🙂

***Please note: Comments must be genuine, or otherwise supportive. (And never leave your affiliate link on someone else’s post).

Good luck,


4 Comments on “Quick Tip! – If You Only Do ONE Thing Each Day On CashJuice…”

  1. This is great Tios. An other good one posted here Michael, thx for your work on this. I really like it and recommand people to read this and check other posts too.


      1. I know this helps, for all Juicers, “old” and new… As I say, its allways good to get a fresh reminder now and then. Keep up the good work, and keep on rockin’ !!

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