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setting up the planCompleting your profile and creating your first introductory post are the best first steps after signing up with CashJuice.

Next, you’ll want to set-up ‘The Plan’ to start promoting your presence on the platform.

Before beginning, take the time to understand how the CashJuice referral links work, and how they integrate with TrafficAdBar for best results.

Your Referral Links

You can find your CashJuice referral link in two locations:

1. On the dashboard (called ‘your personal link)

dashboard link

2. Under the Your Referrals tab (called ‘your personal rotator link’)

referral tab link

(Although the wording may be a bit rough around the edges, they are the same.)

Integrating with TrafficAdBar

When you click on ‘The Plan’ tab, you’ll have the option to integrate your CashJuice profile with TrafficAdBar.

If you don’t already have a TAB account, create one using the links provided in ‘The Plan’ setup, then follow these steps:

  1. Add your CashJuice referral link into rotation on TAB.
  2. TAB will create another link which serves as kind of a cloaker/brander – this let’s you promote both programs at the same time.
  3. In CashJuice, click the button to connect with TrafficAdBar.
  4. The TAB link will now show! (called ‘Your funnel URL’ – promote this in other exchanges.)

funnel link

The Benefits of The Funnel

  • You’ll earn hits to your CashJuice link – pushing you up the league rankings.
  • You’ll earn TrafficAdBar points – moving your site up the ladder for more exposure.
  • Referrals to both!

You’re now ready to start driving that traffic to your link 🙂

cjbanner 2

Follow The Plan…Reap The Rewards!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Good luck,


6 Comments on “Setting Up ‘The Plan’ – Your CashJuice Referral Links”

  1. Well done on this training part, informative for all who do the Juice, and for new people want to join in. Warmly recommand this article, as i do with the others too.
    Much success

  2. I could never quite understand “The Plan” since I first joined CashJuice. Thank you Michael for clarifying things for me. I can now go back and start working “The Plan.”

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