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The CashJuice Post Rotator is the most important promotional tool on the platform!

If your going to get your offers seen, and attract a large following, then learning to setup and use the Post Rotator is essential!

Here are the 5 steps to follow when setting up your Post Rotator campaign:

Step 1 – Create That ‘Perfect’Β  CashJuice Post

cashjuice post exampleCreating a post that is attractive enough to get likes, comments, and shares is the ultimate goal when putting this together.

There are 3 simple rules:

  1. Provide a quick description of your offer, written in your own words.
  2. Always attach a related, and relevant, image to your post.
  3. Remember to add your affiliate or tracking link with https:// instead of www.

For more details on creating attractive posts, read more here…

Step 2 – Add Your Post To The Rotator

setup post campaignClick on the Post Rotator tab located on the top of your Dashboard. Scroll down just below the video, and click on the ‘Add Campaign’ button.

A small pop-up window will appear with a list of your most recent posts. Choose the one you want to add into rotation.

*Important: Free members can have 1 post in rotation, 5 posts for upgraded members, and Unlimited campaigns with a Pro subscription.

Step 3 – Reach The Right Audience

After choosing your post to promote, all members will be given the chance to choose their language. English is the default. If your post is not in English, then choose the right one.

geo target postUpgraded members will also have the option to geo-target their posts to users in specific countries or areas. This option will cost 3 credits per view rather than the usual 1 credit.

Upon clicking ‘Save’ your campaign is now ready to run.

Step 4 – Earn Credits To Promote Your Post

You’ll need credits to fuel your campaign. Earn them by viewing the posts of other CashJuice members.

The blue button to the right of the video (‘Click Here To View Posts And Earn Credits) is where to start.

post rotatorA new pop-up will open. Viewing a post for 5 seconds is required before moving onto the next. The best recommendation is to earn at least 100 Post Rotator credits every day to stay visible on the platform.

But don’t just swipe, or click ‘Next’, mindlessly…

Pro Tip: Use this as an opportunity to interact with other members. Leave a like and a comment on posts that attract you, and share whenever possible.

Step 5 – Check Your Settings As Needed

Keeping your campaigns fresh is important!

Do you have a post in rotation that’s been there for several months? It may be time for a refresh. People will become bored and disinterested after seeing the same thing over and over again.

You can pause, edit the settings, and delete a campaign at any time.

As for any unwanted affiliate links in the comments…

Pro Tip: Clean up your posts regularly. Review what you’ve posted for any spam comments and remove them! Read more on preventing spam…

Follow the above steps every time you want one of your posts to reach a wider audience…And be sure to earn credits daily so that your campaigns are seen consistently!

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For more information about using the Post Rotator, check out the recent ‘FAQ’ page.

If you have any further questions or comments, please leave them below. πŸ™‚

To your promotional success,


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  1. An other nice post, this page/site has become a very important tool for serious Juicers.
    Its a joy and honor to know you Michael, and your great work on this site!

    Here you folks have a lot of good information.

    Lets do it JUICERS, lets work as a team, and ROCK online!


  2. How come I get locked in the funnel? I feel trapped and frustrated every time that happens. I have been doing something, and now I cannot simply go back. This is particularly frustrating when on your phone. I love your value, and will definitely like and share. But, if there’s a way to unlock the funnel, please do so. Thanks! Great value otherwise!

    1. What do you mean by ‘locked in the funnel’? Is the post rotator freezing while using your phone? The best course of action would be to open a support ticket (perhaps others may be affected). All the best, Robert.

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