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welcomeIn a previous ‘quick tip’ article, I highlighted the importance of sharing posts if it were the only thing you did each day on CashJuice.

…And if you were to narrow this down even further – it should be the post of a new CashJuice member!

But first…

Like and Comment

At minimum…make it a point to log in everyday to leave a like and a supportive, or encouraging, comment on the introductory post of new CashJuice members.

Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard to find the latest members that have joined. Click on the image to be taken to their profile feed. Find their first post introducing themselves to the community. Like and comment.

new members

*Don’t forget to follow!

Share whenever possible

I have three rules before sharing the post of any new member:

  1. They must have a profile picture.
  2. The profile description should be filled out.
  3. They must have made their first introductory post.

This shows that the member is active, aware, and ready to get started – and such activity deserves promotion!

Share the introductory post with your followers. 🙂

*Remember to follow!

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What it means to new CashJuice members

Imagine for a moment how it would feel if, after joining a new social platform and saying hi, you suddenly had half a dozen shares and dozens of new followers…

  • Would you feel welcome?
  • Would you feel encouraged by the fast start?
  • Would it give you confidence in the level of activity?

Let’s go out on a limb and say: Yes! It probably would! 🙂

This type of reassurance will also give new members the confidence to move forward and stay active.


What it means to you

Let’s be honest about this…CashJuice is designed to build your brand and your trust. The higher these two go within the community…will ultimately determine how well your offers convert.

As such (and read this carefully):

Only Followers Count!

Even if you never refer a single person into CashJuice, you can still fully utilize the platform to the highest level, simply by offering value to the community, and by developing a large and loyal following.

Even if someone else is bringing in all the referrals…you now have potential access to all those people.

So what’s the best way to pick up followers?

Answer: By welcoming new CashJuice members using the tips above.

New members will follow others at a higher rate than most. It’s important they find friendly faces quickly – let that be you!

cashjuice banner

Develop this habit of welcoming new CashJuice members every day! You can thank me in a few months 🙂

Now…Stop what your doing, and go complete this!

All the best,


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  1. No doubt that this is one to read and understand.
    Its so simple to do, and its totally a good one.

    Recommand you folks to start do it at the Juice!!

    Thanks for all your interesting work Michael!


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