The Post Rotator – FAQ

1. What is the Post Rotator?

post rotatorThe CashJuice Post Rotator is the most important promotional feature on the platform. Designed to make your offers available to the widest possible audience.

2. How does the Post Rotator work?

Similar to a traffic exchange – you view the posts of other members, and they view yours. You earn credits on a 1:1 ratio.

3. Is there a credit limit?

There are no limits to the number of posts that you can view, therefore…there are no limits to the number of views you can receive.

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4. What is a campaign?

A campaign is simply a single post added into rotation for viewing. You can pause, edit, or delete a campaign at any time.

5. How many posts can I have in rotation?

As a free member, you can have 1 campaign in rotation at any one time. 5 campaigns as an upgraded member. Unlimited campaigns for monthly Pro members.

6. Are members taken directly to my offer?

No. Viewers of your post have the option to click on the link to your offer. This is why it’s essential to create attractive posts that get liked and shared. More details here…

7. Can I geo-target campaigns?

Yes. All lifetime upgraded members have the option to geo-target their Post Rotator campaigns at a credit ratio of 3:1

geo target post rotator

8. What are the benefits of using the Post Rotator?

The biggest benefit of using the Post Rotator is the exposure to your personal brand. As more people see you on a regular basis, they will trust you more. You’ll get followers and clicks with consistent use.

9. What are the best practices when using the Post Rotator?

The best recommendation at the moment is to earn at least 100 credits every day! While viewing other posts…It is essential to be interacting with members thru likes, comments, and shares.

10. What type of results can I expect?

Your click-thru and conversion rate will be dependent upon how well developed your personal brand is on CashJuice. The more trust you have within the community…the better your results. 🙂

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