What are ViralUrl Guaranteed Visitors?


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viralurl visitorsWhat are ViralUrl Guaranteed Visitors?

And how to get them for FREE!…

ViralUrl ‘Guaranteed Visitors’ are pure Gold…in my humble opinion 🙂

24 Hour Unique traffic, with a 30 Second ‘forced view’, and strong anti-cheat protection!

Where are they shown:

Guaranteed Visitor traffic is shown after reading a message. There is an option to view another site for 30 seconds to earn additional banner and text credits.

How to get them:

You earn ‘GV Credits’ simply by viewing your daily messages (approx. 8-10 per day) – either thru your email, or thru the Message Center in your ViralUrl back office.

Every 250 credits will get you 100 Guaranteed Visitors.

+++Plus…You can randomly win 100-500 visitors (I usually get 2-3 wins before getting to 250)!

That’s 300-400 hits of the highest quality traffic available!

…And you can do all this for free, with just a few minutes each day!



And if you really want to ‘take things up a notch’…

I recommend getting the Credit Mailer upgrade for just $7. You will earn mailing credits along with the GV credits 🙂

Good luck,

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