What It Takes To Reach The CashJuice Diamond Club


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Diamond ClubYou Only Have To Reach Diamond Club Once!

Here’s the honest truth about what it takes…

Diamond Club

Diamond Status on CashJuice is achieved by being in the Top 10 League Leaders for the month.

You will receive the recognition and status, along with an invite to Diamond Club, a members only group*.

*Did you know that CashJuice has a Group feature in Beta? Yep…currently being tested by Diamond Club members only. 🙂

The rankings are based on 3 metrics: referral link hits, followers, and referrals.

Pictured below are my numbers for this month of March and February (along with the grand total), which I needed to reach 1st these past 2 months.

But…In order to crack the Top 10, here’s are the Current Minimums needed:

  • 30,000 unique hits to your link every month (1000+ per day)
  • 80 follwers (2-3 per day)
  • 10 new referrals (1 every 3-4 days)

diamond ranking

Stay Focused

The most important metric to focus on is getting that traffic to your link!!!

Fortunately, you can do this for free (with a decent time commitment) on TrafficAdBar and the feaured traffic sources in ‘The Plan’. I DO recommend upgrading whenever possible – it automates the whole process.

Stay active everyday to attract followers. Regularly like, comment, and share the posts of others – this goes a long way in building trust.

The referrals will happen if you drive your traffic ONLY to the highest quality you can find (again…TrafficAdBar). Get rid of any ‘junk traffic’ sources – focus on 2-3 places that you can pour your energies into!

Remember…You only have to do this once!

cjbanner 2
I encourage you to Blast That Traffic for the next 30 days…and stay active daily.
All other numbers will follow 🙂

See you on the leaderboards,

One Comment on “What It Takes To Reach The CashJuice Diamond Club”

  1. This is great information for you folks out there.

    Do read this, and do try this. This is really the Basic You need to do to Grow, and it all starts with the PLAN at Cashjuice. Sadly to many doesnt even look at it, and start ask allready; how do I do this? What shall I do? How to get higher rank?? etc??

    Well Read this, do this and Keep doing it!

    Great one Michael!

    Keep on going man!


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